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Common Aesthetic Procedure Myths

If you’re considering a minimally invasive procedure, you may get cold feet when you hear a lot of the tall tales told about the procedures. Having said that, a lot of information about aesthetic procedures is wrong. Here are some common aesthetic procedure myths: Botox is Unsafe – When botox is performed by an experienced doctor, it is very safe. However, there are always risks to any procedure, and botox is no exception. Some possible signs and side effects of botox are vision problems, muscle weakness all over the body, and trouble breathing, amongst others. Lifetime Warranty – As much as people like to think that the results of any aesthetic procedure will last forever, they do not. Aesthetic procedures can help you turn back the hands of time, but these hands of time need to be turned back every so often. Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Procedures, Same Thing – The distinction between these categories is confusing. Plastic surgery can be viewed as the umbrella term, because cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery also involves reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery only focuses on beauty. Aesthetic procedures are different than both plastic and cosmetic, because while they focus on beauty, they are minimally invasive procedures. This means that no incision into the skin is required, while surgery involves making an incision. CoolSculpting is a Cure All – CoolSculpting is designed for patients that are close to their ideal weight; the procedure wasn’t created as a way to treat obesity. On average, Read More >>

Vitamins Essential for Beauty

When you’re a child, you learn your A,B,C’s, which are an essential foundation for your life. This lesson is also important when it comes to your health, because Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E improve your aesthetic. When your body receives vitamins, you have a healthier appearance. This is why it’s important to make sure your diet is filled with natural foods. Vitamin A – Vitamin A helps treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, sunburn, and others. It can also be applied to the skin to reduce wrinkles and protect the skin against UV radiation. Vitamin A can be found in fruits, vegetables, eggs, whole milk, butter, meat, and more. Vitamin C – Vitamin C protects your skin against sun damage and skin cancer. Vitamin C also reverses skin discoloration and wrinkles that come with aging. You can find it in fresh fruits, especially citrus ones, and vegetables. Vitamin D– Vitamin D is a good natural way to treat psoriasis. Also, it helps open hair follicles to grow. You can add fatty fish such as sardines and tuna to your diet to get more Vitamin D, or you can go out in the sun–6 days of casual sunlight exposure makes up for 49 days without it. Just make sure to follow these guidelines to prevent skin sun damage. Vitamin E– Vitamin E gives hair its shine and bounce, and it promotes growth. Not only that, but Vitamin E helps protect skin from aging. Add cereals, oils, meat, poultry, and more to your diet Read More >>

Eating Chocolate is Actually Good for You

One of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day is a box of chocolate because it’s a sweet gesture for your sweetie. Do you know that there are many beauty benefits associated with chocolate? This Valentine’s Day, don’t feel guilty when you have a piece of this tasty treat–here are some of the ways eating chocolate (in moderation!) is actually good for you. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark…Chocolate– Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa reduce stress hormones. Stress hormones can cause your skin’s collagen to break down, so having fewer stress hormones means fewer wrinkles. Science Words!– Dark chocolate contains antioxidant flavanols that stave off UV damage and sunspots, and increase blood flow. Who knew that science was the key to looking younger? Oh that’s right, Aesthetics by Norden does! Eat Your Vitamins– Do you know that dark chocolate contains iron, calcium and a slew of other vitamins (A, B1, C, D, and E)? These vitamins and minerals are important for skin hydration and give your skin a healthy glow. And you thought an apple a day was the best health tip! Valentine’s Day Promo– Besides a box of chocolates, a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day is the Aesthetics by Norden Valentine’s Day Promo. This Valentine’s Day, receive 20% off on any non-invasive aesthetic procedure that Aesthetics by Norden offers! So while you treat your tastebuds to a delicious piece of dark chocolate, treat yourself to falling in love with your aesthetic again. Aesthetics by Norden offers a wide range of non-invasive aesthetic Read More >>

Snow Day Spa Day

Woman Receiving Spa Treatment

Winter Storm Stella is set to hit the Northeast with record snowfall, which means…snow day! While you’re snowed in, why not turn your home into a spa? Here are several things you can do at home to improve your aesthetics and have a snow day spa day! A Rose for Emily – Rosewater is a great toner that provides your skin with hydration and reduces oily skin. The best part is, rosewater toner is extremely easy to make–it’s a 2:1 ratio (two cups of boiling water for every 1 cup of rose petals). Cover and steep the liquid until it’s cool, then strain out the rose water into a sterile jar. Make sure you keep it in the refrigerator in-between uses. Aren’t You Glad I Said Banana? – If you have some extra bananas lying around (and most people usually do), you can create a homemade facial mask that makes you look younger. You can even use it as a bit of a stress reliever when you mash up the banana into a smooth paste. After you’ve taken your aggression out on the banana, gently apply the paste to your skin and let it sit for up to a half hour. Rinse it off with cold water, and your skin will look and feel softer. Daily Coffee Fix – If you need your daily cup of coffee,like everyone else–actually, it’s 83% of adults–then you probably have some coffee beans in your house. Great, because you can use coffee beans to create your own body scrub! Read More >>

Enjoy a “Cool” Night Out

"Cool" Night Out Graphic

Are you looking for a cool night out in Ridgewood to enjoy with your friends? Aesthetics by Norden is hosting ”Cool” Night Out! It will be a fun evening with friends on Thursday, April 20th. Come enjoy a “Cool” Night Out and enjoy the following: Complimentary Stuff! – Enjoy complimentary champagne, hors d’oeuvre, and wine while you socialize with our friendly staff. What’s better than friends, fun and champagne? The More You Know – During “Cool” Night Out, Aesthetics by Norden’s head aesthetician Sharrona Katz-Moulay will be discussing CoolSculpting. For anyone interested in getting their beach body ready, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about CoolSculpting, a non-invasive, pain-free aesthetic procedure that reduces fat by an average of 22% per treatment, which will help you look and feel your best. Plus, Sharrona Katz-Moulay recently performed it on a cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (cough cough Siggy Flicker cough cough). Just don’t expect to hear any spoilers about the upcoming season from Sharrona! Special Promo – Attendees only will receive 20% off CoolSculpting for any area of treatment if you book that night and schedule it prior to Memorial Day 2017. Complimentary drinks and food, and an amazing promo — now that’s cool! If you’re interested in attending and want to learn more about CoolSculpting from Sharrona Katz-Moulay, you can RSVP here. “Cool” Night Out at Aesthetics by Norden takes place Thursday, April 20th. Join us at 1144 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, NJ from 5-7PM. Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks, Read More >>

Aesthetics Aren’t Just for Women

Man Getting Botox

Caring about your aesthetics and getting aesthetic procedures are often associated with women. Society teaches women to be conscious of their appearance, so women take pride in looking and feeling their best. However, this is no longer solely a concern of the fairer sex–according to the Aesthetic Society for Plastic Surgery, aesthetic treatments for men increased 325% since 1997. In particular, three common aesthetics procedures at Aesthetics by Norden can help men: Botox– It seems that women aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure of growing old in a young person’s society–men are making sure that they can keep up with their younger co-workers, and looking the part is half the battle. In 2015, over 4 million people had Botox (botulinum toxin) injected in order to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles, smooth lines between brows, and reduce or eliminate frown lines and forehead creases. Out of the 4 million Botox patients, 10% (over 438,000) were men. CoolSculpting– Many men spend hours at the gym to get a “Superman” body, only to have those pesky love handles turn into their kryptonite. CoolSculpting freezes fat and naturally eliminates it from your body, and this helps guys improve that target body area that their core workout may not be able to fix. Over 160,000 people had a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure in 2015, and 17% of them were men. BBL– Although men get a natural exfoliator when they shave, which improves their skin, their foreheads often are left untreated. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of men Read More >>

Weight Loss Procedures at Aesthetics by Norden

SUPERCOOL CoolSculpting Plus Woman With Tape Measure Around Waist

New Year, New You! is often how people treat New Year’s. With 2017 officially here, the most common area of self-improvement people focus on is weight loss. Losing weight is a struggle, and it takes a lot of hard work (isn’t it a shame that putting weight ON doesn’t require nearly as much energy as taking it off?). And what if you work your butt off at the gym and on your diet, but you still can’t lose those last 15 pounds? That’s where Aesthetics by Norden can help. We want you to look and feel your best, and we offer several procedures that will make your 2017 weight loss resolution the last year you make it: CoolSculpting– Imagine being able to freeze the fat on your chin, stomach, love handles, and thighs. Actually, you don’t need to imagine it because Aesthetics by Norden features CoolSculpting! CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat-freezing procedure that can eliminate stubborn fat in those problematic areas. Forget monikers like muffin top, love handles, double chin, and thunder thighs. Aesthetics by Norden will consult with you to discuss how many treatments are needed and what the expected results are so the only names you’ll be called are flattering. SUPERCOOL CoolSculpting Plus– For those cool kids, SUPERCOOL CoolSculpting Plus offers the same benefits of CoolSculpting, but it takes half the time! Not only that, but Aesthetics by Norden is one of the few places in New Jersey to feature this procedure. Talk about being at the cool table at lunch! Vanquish– Vanquish Read More >>

Three Beauty Products Perfect for You

Have you been feeling like you need a “pick me up” before the holidays? We love the holidays, but all the shopping, cooking and family gatherings does wears us out a bit. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and look in the mirror admiring your skin instead of feeling like it looks drab? Well you can!   Aesthetics by Norden offers some great beauty products that will refresh your skin and one that will keep you batting your eyelashes!  Now is the time to prep for all the holiday parties that are around the corner! LATISSE – Don’t you want thick, long eyelashes like Kerry Washington, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce? Who doesn’t?! LATISSE can help–it’s an FDA-approved treatment that help grow darker, longer, and thicker eyelashes. LATISSE works by extending the growth phase of hair follicles and increasing the amount of hairs that sprout from each follicle. You’ll begin to see results within four to eight weeks, but continue to use it for twelve to sixteen weeks to get that full Bey look. Don’t count on it to help with your singing voice!   Skinceuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex – You’re overworked and underappreciated, and the circles around your eyes are darker than a burnt gingerbread cookie. Skinceuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex is here to help! Optical diffusers, which cause light to spread evenly across your skin and remove high intensity bright spots, reduce the appearance of dark circles that is both an instant and long-lasting treatment. Also, there are some more science words–flavanoids (help with Read More >>

How to Get a Flat Stomach

Holiday season here! Although the holidays are a great time for bonding with family and friends, holiday season involves one of America’s favorite pastimes–EATING. It’s Halloween, and as you sit on the couch eating the surplus of candy you bought for the trick-or-treaters while watching the Real Housewives of Orange County, somehow you end up at the bottom of the bag! After Halloween, Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixins’ have attached themselves to all your most noticeable body parts. Suddenly, you can think of something you are not thankful for! Thanksgiving is just the start–Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s all contribute to packing on the pounds. Before the holidays have you shopping for the next size up in jeans, or worse…confined to your yoga pants…consider going into the holidays with a flat tummy and a snached waist! Here are ways you can give yourself the gift of a flat tummy before holiday season: Switch to Whole Grains – Whole grains are a better alternative than processed grains. Whole grains can lower heart disease risk by 20%, aid with digestive issues and help with weight loss, along with many other additional benefits. Target Your Core Muscles – Getting a flat stomach means going beyond simple crunches. You should do multiple exercises that engage different core areas–mountain climber push-ups, planks, leg scissors, and weighted pikes are some that will help you attain a flat stomach. Eat Healthy Fats – Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) like nuts, avocados, eggs, beef, and healthy oils (olive and coconut are essential), should make Read More >>

Post Summer Skin Restoration

HydraFacial from Aesthetics by Norden

If you hid behind oversized sunglasses and a big straw hat all summer, the reality is that ensemble can only work for so long. As the summer comes to a close, and clothes… reintroduce themselves back into your daily regimen, the attention on your natural beauty will be crucial yet again. The anxiety of having to reveal your less-than-perfect skin can take all of the excitement out of experiences that are normally fun and enjoyable. The pressure of hiding behind makeup and hair (which in turn can make the problem worse) or having to use gaudy jewelry and/or clothes as a distraction from your sunburnt, dehydrated or peeling skin is just a temporary fix for a much bigger issue. Even the best makeup foundation or the brightest distracting necklace can’t fix the problem, so allow Aesthetics by Norden to restore the quality of life to your dry parched post summer skin. Here are a few tips from Aesthetics by Norden that will keep you looking beautiful far into the fall. 1. Moisturize– Always remember to moisturize your skin! Specifically, coconut oil, is a perfect way to maintain soft, moisturized skin, while giving you a healthy glow. This product that was commonly used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, can be used for just about anything –from cooking to being used as a deep hair conditioner, but it works great for skin hydration! Dry skin tends to peel, exposing pale skin beneath the surface, leaving a blotchy, uneven look. For best results use coconut oil daily. 2. Read More >>

“I am Norden’s biggest fan! He has performed the amazing Ultherapy on my mother as well my LASIK surgery. We are so happy to have come across a doctor that truly cares for his patients. Also, the staff is very friendly and always welcoming. I will continue to recommend him to all my friends & family.”
Jessica Molina

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